Use Cases

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Target Identification

Pre-Clinical Development

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Clinical Development

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Companion Diagnostics

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Phase IV Monotoring

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Simple Workflow

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  1. Samples Delivered

    Send samples to sRNAlytics
    1ml of biofluid
    0.5mg of tissue (FFPE)
    0.5ug of buffered RNA
    15M reads/sample raw NGS

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2. Samples Analyzed

sRNAlytics scientists execute sRNA-FIND
RNA extraction
Small RNA library preparation and NGS
sRNA-FIND bioinformatics and discovery

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3. Report Provided

Bioanalytical report provided
Sequence and function of sRNA classifiers
Statistical reports (ROC, FDR, PPV/NPVetc.)
RT-qPCR assay design


Sample Requirements

1mL of biofluid (CSF, plasma, serum, PAXgene)
0.5mg of Fresh or Frozen Tissue
1x10^6 Cultured Cell lines and Media
0.5ug of buffered RNA
15M reads/sample raw NGS data


sRNAlytics Delivers

Actionable and easy to interpret bioanalytical reports including key summary of findings, as well as statistical measures

Access to sRNAlytics scientists to support analysis and
downstream RT-qPCR assay design

Biomarker discovery services for any disease area available today.

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