Founded in 2016, sRNAlytics has developed a computing platform capable of classifying patient samples with binary accuracy. Our products address an immediate need to incorporate biomarkers into drug discovery and development pipelines to satisfy FDA requirements, de-risk programs, and unlock billions of dollars through cost-savings and accelerated revenue realization.


World Class Team

We specialize in the discovery of classification biomarkers through next generation sequencing and data science.

David W. Salzman, PhD
Founder and CEO

Neal Foster, MBA

Nathan Ray

Alan P. Salzman, PhD


Sean Melville, MSc
Director of Business Development


Scientific Advisory Board

Frank J. Slack, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Richard H. Myers, PhD
BU Medical School

Joanne B. Weidhaas, MD, PhD
UCLA Medical School

Melanie L. Leitner, PhD
Accelerating Neuro


Blair R. Leavitt, MDCM, FRCP
University of British Columbia


Legal Advisors


Peter B. Finn, Esq.
Rubin and Rudman


Mark L. Hayman, PhD, JD
Morgan Lewis