sRNAlytics has developed a game changing technology capable of classifying patient samples with binary accuracy. To do this we utilize a proprietary software suite developed by our founder, Dr. David W. Salzman that identifies small RNA biomarkers. The products we create address an immediate need to incorporate biomarkers into drug development to satisfy FDA requirements, de-risk programs, and unlock billions of dollars through cost-savings and accelerated revenue realization.

Two provisional patent applications developed by our legal team at Morgan Lewis protect our method, and Huntington’s Disease-specific biomarkers that classify disease stage, prognosis, and progression. These biomarkers, and by extension our software suite, have been validated through our academic collaborator, Dr. Richard H. Myers at Boston University.




Our flexible software suite identifies small RNA biomarkers:
- to meet any business or clinical need
- for any disease or indication
- in any species
- from any sample source

Our software suite is a plug-and-play system that can identify custom biomarker panels to meet the specific needs of any client.