sRNAlytics is at the forefront of small RNA research. We offer technology and services to drug developers to facilitate drug discovery and development by providing deep analysis of disease pathways. Our analytical approach and protocols, combined with sRNA-FIND and a growing database of over 15,000 patient samples is focused on accelerating our partners programs.


World Class Team

David W. Salzman, PhD
Founder and CEO

Neal Foster, MBA

Nathan Ray

Alan P. Salzman, PhD


Sean Melville, MSc
Director of Business Development


Scientific Advisory Board

Frank J. Slack, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Richard H. Myers, PhD
BU Medical School

Joanne B. Weidhaas, MD, PhD
UCLA Medical School

Melanie L. Leitner, PhD
Accelerating Neuro


Blair R. Leavitt, MDCM, FRCP
University of British Columbia


Legal Advisors


Peter B. Finn, Esq.
Rubin and Rudman


Mark L. Hayman, PhD, JD
Morgan Lewis


There is a pervasive need to create new medicines for the treatment of diseases, which drives scientific breakthroughs and advances technology.
Combining new types of data, algorithms and computing platforms empowers sRNAlytics to create, and invent.

Join us in our mission to solve meaningful problems and make the world a better place.